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About Pentair Equipment Training Workshops

About Workshop Registration

The following information will be needed in order to complete a registration:

  • If paying by credit card – Number will be required
  • State Construction License Number (if applicable)
  • Dealer Number (if paying by Reward Points)
  • Emergency Contact for person attending the workshop

Workshop Topics

Pool equipment technology is changing fast! We’ve packed our workshops with new information about the latest developments in controls, pumps, heaters, lighting, filtration, water features and chlorine generation. Our experienced instructors and detailed course materials and training aids will give you the real-world techniques and know-how that fuel customer satisfaction and higher profits.

Stay ahead of the curve with training... Our workshops are offered in one-, two-, and three-day formats to meet your specific training requirements. Every workshop is a unique learning environment that provides you with in-depth knowledge for specifying, installing, troubleshooting and servicing today’s most advanced pool equipment.

Workshop topics include: Basic Hydraulics and Equipment Sizing, Automation, Variable Frequency Drive Pumps, Heater Installation and Repair, Basic Electrical Theory, Color LED and Halogen Lighting Safety and Installation, Automatic Chlorine Generation, Heat Pump Installation and Operation, and more!

The topics presented above are based on the length of workshop and regional need. Class size is limited.

Contact Information

Please contact Pentair Training and Education Headquarters Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Central Time, should you have questions regarding your registration. When calling, please identify yourself as a participant of the Pentair Training and Education.

Pentair Training and Education Headquarters
Phone: 888-755-7946
Fax: 800-227-2989
Email us at: pentairwaterpoolandspa@travelhq.com

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